As many thinks, it is not only suitable to charge the mobile phones, to operate calculators and to charge some small vehicle batteries The batteries used in the solar units is the defining factor in its capacity and the capacity of the batteries used now has come a long way from the heavy lead-acid batteries used earlier. Though not related to solar power, the capacity of the functional batteries can be inferred from the fact that a new electric bus has been tested, which is capable of running 350 miles per single charge. Undoubtedly, it is the time to go for solar powered generators for the home, to get things done your own way.

The solar power generators which use Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries are reliable to provide uninterrupted power supply to your homes. High electrical installations in homes like refrigerators, washing machines, and microwave ovens could be used for a long time and the length of the power supply depends upon the capacity of the solar unit you preferred. Compared to the gas generators, solar powered generators for the home are the best alternative which is a form of clean energy. By installing the solar unit for your own use, you are serving the society where the need for the energy is increasing day by day. It is noiseless and doesn’t pollute the atmosphere as other conventional methods of energy production do.

You Gain. Serve the Society Too

  • You have the limited supply of sunlight during day, and the storage unit comes with the solar unit stores the energy for your use.
  • The price is getting lower, and the number of panels and the batteries required depend on your energy requirement. You can choose the solar unit as per your requirement.
  • By positioning it right with the consultation with the experts you can get the maximum energy possible. Proper maintenance like cleaning and cooling the panels will also help.
  • Present day storage units allow the complete consumption of the stored energy, unlike the previous ones.
  • By installing the unit, you opt to serve the society in two ways. 1) You reduce the burden of the government in a small way and 2) You help to save the earth’s atmosphere.