Office Improvements

By now you already know that the work environment impacts the drive and performance of your team. If employees work in a dry and boring office setting, they won’t feel motivated. As a business owner, you should mitigate this because it can keep your employers from doing productive work.

You should start thinking about office improvements to boost the team’s productivity. Here are some office improvements you should think about:

Air quality

The first thing to improve is the air quality of the office. Bad air quality is not only bad for productivity but also for your health. To improve air quality, you should install a ventilation system and open the windows to let fresh air in.


According to a DeskTime study, they found that the most productive people work for at least fifty-two minutes then take a break for seventeen minutes. Having a place for the employees to enjoy their break can impact their productivity and mood. With this, you need to design an office break room by incorporating elements to facilitate relaxation. Start by putting bright-colored and cozy sofas and putting snacks on the table.

Ergonomic furniture

It is common for employees to suffer neck, leg and back pains because of the furniture. Knowing this, you should consider ergonomic furniture like chairs and tables that are arranged in their workspaces.  Get rid of outdated furniture pieces because turns out, it can make people lazy.

Free snacks

Employees love free snacks. There was a study that revealed companies providing their employees with free snacks are the happiest compared to those who do not. If you provide healthy snacks, you are helping the whole team stay healthy. You can put nuts (for the brain), dark chocolate (for focusing), blueberries (for memory) and banana (for energy) on the table. Do not forget about the coffee and tea.

Office Improvements to Boost the Team’s Productivity


Lighting is one of the most ignored things in the office. This is because many people do not know its importance in relation to productivity. If it is dark, people will get sleepy. If it is too bright, the people will get headaches. Natural lighting is best for the productivity of the employees. It also facilitates the worker’s sleep and quality of life outside.

Introduction to coworking spaces

The point here is to create a modern office environment to keep your employees engaged and motivated. If you do not want to spend on office improvement, you can choose or coworking spaces. Many small business owners and startup companies consider coworking because it is cost-efficient.

Coworking allows businesses and individuals to share the same workplace. You will be surprised to know that most coworking spaces boast of modern and casual working environment, unlike traditional office spaces. In fact, larger facilities house lounges or cafes to greatly improve productivity.

If you are looking for one, the most effective way to find a coworking space is to ask for a recommendation. If you do not know anyone, the next best course of action is to go through the Internet. You will find coworking spaces around your area. Before committing, it is important that you check it out first. In other words, you should visit them in person then ask about the trial period so you can make an informed decision.