When you or a friend or family member is overpowered by drug compulsion or medication manhandle, you need assistance from a place you can trust. Sage Recovery Villa are maintaining a drug treatment center which enable grown-ups and teenagers to recover their lives on track and give restored would like to the individuals who think about them.

Sage Recovery Villa has their main goal is to help those battling with medication and liquor dependence on achieve their objective of a cheerful, solid, and gainful calm life through a variety of treatments gives by their permit clinical and therapeutic experts. Sage provides following services towards drug patient-

  • Empathy, understanding and functional recuperation training from staff that perceives the pivotal advance they have taken by looking for treatment at a private treatment focus.
  • Contribution to the destinations of treatment and responsibility for recuperation process.
  • Consolation during the time spent profound recharging and mindfulness.
  • Enthusiastic help to create attention to how enslavement has affected their lives and associations with friends and family.
  • Bolster in attempting to mend associations with family through week after week family frameworks treatment.

In light of above facilities Sage drug treatment center has following treatment plan to recover their patient physically, mentally and help them to be passionate and social.


Sage Psychologist, therapist, social worker, psychiatrist, or eating disorder specialist will conduct individual and group therapy for substance abuse and addiction.

Family advising

Family treatment focused overall family system may empower the family to recover themselves from the staggering effects of living with subjugation or alcohol to misuse. Sage Recovery makes sense of how to manage them and besides how best to help their appreciated one in her recovery.

Outpatient treatment programs

For people who are fit for encountering their feelings and keeping up restraint at home, and who don’t require restoratively helped deter,  Sage projects can be a practical other option to inpatient hospitalization or private compulsion treatment focuses.

Private medication treatment focuses

For drug addicted with further developed substance manhandle or medicate dependence, Sage offers private treatment the chance to advance once again from the triggers and worries of day by day life to center around mending and recuperation.