Life is an unpredictable one. No one knows what will happen next. In the hectic lifestyle that people follows, the chance of getting attacked by virus and bacteria is high. In the last century, there are many people who is dead because of the communicable disease. Those days are gone with the development of the people. There are many health care companies are available in the market that involves in the research activates to reduce the disease. The medical field is developing in every day. It is getting the solution of every health problems we face. The development in the technology is one of the reasons for the development in medical field. Without the machinery and equipments, the medical field cannot show such developments. In this decade, a crystal sized robots are available which the doctors are nowadays injected to the blood to find the blocks in arteries.

It is the duty of the people to develop the immune strength in the body so as the fight the intruding virus and bacteria in the body. They are better than curing the disease and eating the tablets. People must involve in the activities that develop the immune system in the body. The immune system is not only depending on the food we eat and also about the environment we live. The parents must allow the children to play in the soil until the age of the six. There are many daily activities that boost the immune system of the body. It is necessary to indulge in such activity.

Once the flu is attacked, it is necessary to consult the doctor and take the medicines regularly. They are best way to kill the intruder in the body. Food is also a medicine. There are many food materials that develop the health in the flu. Try to eat the regularly. Do not fully depend on the medicines and tablets. Curing the communication disease is common in this decade. The doctors will suggest the best medicine for flu and also to cure the effects of the flu in the body.

The dosage of the medicine is also important. Some people are consuming the high dosage medicine to clear the flu. Yet it is not necessary in fact they creates a bad effect in the body. And also they have to consume the high dosage tablet to clear the flu which is bad for health and body condition. It is necessary to follow the advice of the doctor while consuming the medicines. In the shops, there are many medicines which are made with the same chemical composition in different names. Follow the doctor’s advice when buying them. The employees in the shops will advise you to buy the local products. Do not hear them. Most of the products the employees in the shops suggest are duplicate or low quality products. The important thing that everyone has to notice in the time of buying the medicines is the expiry date. This problem is available all over the world. People need to careful in buying them.

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