Taking more food without a limit, particularly in summer, could increase the risk of health problems like skin sensitivities, mineral deficiencies, vitamin deficiencies and dehydration. The healthy yet tasty solution for this problem would be opting for seasonal fruits for its nutrients. Many of summer’s vegetables and fruits are brimming with secret health benefits. However, these in-season fruits and vegetables are not the only perfect foods that can help you and your body to feel best during the hottest months of the year. The sowo amazing plan website gives you clear diet chart to follow to maintain fitness. There are many other items available during summer that make you feel in the same way. Here are few foods to add to your diet this summer.

As the name itself indicates, watermelon is a hydration hero. Its high water content keeps you hydrated and cool. It consists of fluids that are vital for the body during the summer season. Eating watermelon keeps you feeling full and avoid cravings. It also contains lycopene that protects skin cells from sun damage.

Green Tea
What can be more relaxing than having a cup of green tea? If you feel like you wish to have a drink that is more exciting than water to keep you hydrated in the heat then you should give a try to green tea. You can also try iced green tea. This is even one of the most popular drinks for weight loss. Green tea is the ideal way to supplement your water intake when it is hot outside. Doctors suggest to take green tea as they fight against cancer and heart disease, and as they help in revving metabolism and lowering cholesterol. Check out sowo amazing plan website to have a look at healthy foods that make you fitter.

Salads with leafy greens
Save your skin in summer with raw and fresh spinach. Carotenoids present in this green leafy foods provides a lot of vitamin A to your body and protects your skin from sun damage by decreasing skin sensitivity to UV light. They strengthen the skin’s defenses against damaging rays.

Blueberries and Strawberries
Enjoy your summer with juicy and sweet berries. Strawberries and Blueberries are embedded with flavonoids that act as powerful fighters against diseases. They decrease skin sensitivity to light and increase the blood flow to the skin and helps you to improves your skin’s appearance. In vacation, as you spend your day more under sunlight, it is best to have these fruits to decrease the chances of your skin losing its tone.

Tart Cherries
You could explore numerous health benefits with tart cherries. The compounds present in tart cherries burn out extra calories and help you slim down. Drinking tart cherry juice daily can help you get a better night’s sleep, and it can quell the post-workout pain.