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We have come up with many products that facilitate your working conditions and keeping you warm. They include:

  • Heated clothing brands that will keep you warm always and they don’t easily allow moisture through them.
  • Heated gloves that keep your hands warm and also enables you to do your work comfortably without straining.
  • Heated socks and footwear that will keep your feets warm inside the shoes you have worn and outside up to almost to the thighs.
  • Motorcycle heated warmers will keep you warm during the motorbike driving and makes sure you are warm and flexible to drive efficiently and to avoid accidents. This makes our clothing the best option for you since it cares for you.
  • Venture heat heated clothing.
  • volt resistance heat heated gloves
  • nordic gear.
  • hotronic footwears and boot heaters.
  • Them-ic boot heaters.
  • Technical iron gear heated clothing.
  • sealskinz waterproof gloves and socks
  • Milwaukee heated apparel.
  • heated golf gear
  • Heat factory instant warming products.
  • Grabber warmers.
  • lenz heated socks and apparel
  • heated clothing batteries
  • Flambeau outdoor heated gears.
  • DeWalt heated gear
  • my core heated control jackets

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