Since its discovery as a cognitive enhancing drug, modafinil has been very popular by then. Students, professionals and shift workers alike have been becoming dependent on this type of stimulant that mainly enhances the brain’s capacity to work effectively at the same time decreasing the level of sleepiness and fatigue that enables a person to be mentally and physically energized to finish whatever task they are given.

Modafinil’s effects can be related to or very similar to conventional stimulants but it has a set of characteristics or traits that make it stand out among its fellow stimulant drugs. Unlike amphetamine and caffeine and other stimulant drugs that targets the central nervous system to work and promote wakefulness, modafinil works in a way that it triggers neurons to activate rapidly and selectively to primarily function in the amygdala and the hypothalamus areas of the brain.

It takes full control of the brain’s different substances that dictates the mood and mental and physical function of a human body like the orexin system, dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine and histamine by controlling its functions in a way that keeps the brain working attentively and wakefully as a major receptor binder.

Modafinil’s main effect is its ability to promote alertness to its user at the same time it promotes an increase to a person’s psychomotor activity to become more effective in physical activity at the same time has an enhanced mental analysis and wakefulness making them very productive both at work or at study and unlike caffeine, modafinil does not make a person palpitate neither an increased heart rate or nervousness, instead it has a smooth hit that can last for several hours if given the proper dosage.

Narcolepsy, it is the main reason why pharmaceutical companies developed modafinil. It is primarily used for the treatment of narcolepsy which is a severe sleeping disorder that needs a long term medication. Modafinil is developed and consumed in the form of a pill. To buy modafinil online it can be bought both online or through a doctor’s prescription. Although it is a controlled substance in the United States, there are several websites that offers prescription-free transaction to its clients both domestic and offshore. A person that uses Modafinil buy usually online.

Going back to modafinil’s way of functioning the brain’s different substances, here are some of it. It serves as a neuroprotectant; meaning it helps the brain to be maintained healthy. It has properties linked to work like antioxidants that can help the reduction of the presence of free radicals in the brain.

It also helps control impulse in brain activity which can help curb addiction in drugs, alcohol and gambling to name a few. It is also used to treat not just narcolepsy but also Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), sleep apnea, multiple sclerosis, depression, schizophrenia, seasonal affective disorder and nicotine dependency.

It is taken with proper dosage for its patients while for those using it as a cognitive enhancer, there are also certain dosages to prevent someone from abusing it. Although it’s not as addictive as other stimulant drugs, a lot of people are already depending on it to get them through their work or study and more often being taken above normal consumption. Just like other drugs, if taken without control it will have its negative side effects that are why it is important to follow proper dosage.