Using online invoicing is fairly easy and you do not need elaborate knowledge of accounts or Tally in order to do it. If you have been billing your clients manually it will be a little different from online invoicing. Therefore, you should know how to use your online invoicing software correctly. Sighted invoicing is one of the most amazing online invoicing software which provides additional guidelines to make your invoicing process easy.

What an invoice should contain?

1- Heading

An invoice needs to have a headline that includes your company name or your name incomplete. This should be in bolder more visible format than the remainder of your text.

2- Clients information

You need to include the name of the client as well his address and number on your receipt.

3- Details

You then need to add the billed amount, the invoice number, the date when the invoice was made, and the day the payment is due.

4- Service details

You then need to add the details of each transaction, how much amount was charged for which product or service.

These are the things typically included in an invoice. Sparing you all this trouble, online invoicing services like sighted invoicing provides you with a ready format. All you have to do is fill out the format once. For future references, the website default prepares your invoice and you can fill the details for the month.

You can send your invoice in either pdf format or print it out and mail it, whichever your client prefers.

The professional outlook of the bills and receipts are highly appreciated by clients. You can also make changes in format and template according to your own preference.


1- Online invoicing saves your time.

2- It maintains your billing records.

3- It gives you more choice.

4- It provides automatic reports on your gains and losses.

5- It even acts as a base for accepting payments.

6- It helps you manage your client database.

7- It can be used on your mobile devices as well.

Most of all, invoice services are safe and secure. Whether it comes to receiving payments or maintaining records, you can be sure that everything on your database is safe from third parties.