There are various games available on internet and you can download it anytime to play it. you can find different kinds of games such as racing game, puzzle games and shooting games. But generally shooting and killing game is the first choice of modern youth. They play various of games on their PC or on their phone and some of them even go to some suite for playing games. They admire top streamers and watch their skills to improve their games. There is a website named CS: GO where you can find various world class streamers. If you are also a game lover and want to improve your skills by watching other streamers than you can visit this site for more details

CS: GO is one of the most popular and watched game on the twitch streaming platform. And its popularity is growing continuously every year due to the quality of the game. This game was released in 21 august, 2012, in just 6 years of release it had made huge place in the hearts of the game lover. You can find various top streamers to choose from. It is a kind of multi-player first person shooter video game developed by hidden path entertainment and valve corporation. It is the fourth game in the counter strike series. There are various streamers for which people are crazy as they are great fun to watch. A streamer named AnomalyXd is known for his hugely impressive game playing skills and for his hilarious reactions and spontaneous screaming while playing. He has 870,000 twitch viewer and his you tube channel is worth watching too. Another streamer named Soviet womble who has been considered as a YouTuber more than a streamer. He is known for his sense of humour. He is a popular streamer on both twitch and YouTube as he has 2,707,400 subscribers on YouTube and 807,192 followers on twitch. If you want to watch some of the most entertaining gaming streams than this guy is perfect for you. So, you can find various such streamers on this website. To know more click here